Custom Tailoring Services for Men's Casual Wear in Nashville, TN

McPherson's Men's Shop in Nashville, TN, offers custom shirts and clothing to fit your needs. J. Michaels Clothiers is a unique hybrid of a custom tailor and an exclusive specialty store for men, providing one of the most enjoyable shopping experiences in the world. Founded in 1989 and located in a 100-year-old house on West End Avenue, the company initially grew by consulting talented men in their offices or homes on how to build an excellent visual reputation using their clothes as an effective non-verbal communication tool.

Jim Michaels, the founder of J. Michaels Clothiers, spent fifteen years gaining experience managing, buying, and manufacturing bespoke clothing. He was trained in the old-world tradition of master tailoring by Dennis Moore, who has more than thirty years of experience making garments, drawing flat patterns, and mastering modifications. Jim prides himself on providing personalized service that caters to local dignitaries, members of the entertainment business, and the general public.

He is dedicated to making the clothing buying process as stress-free as possible for his valued clientele. Since its inception in 1989, J. Michaels Clothiers has developed its business by holding individual conversations with clients about their business, civic and social lifestyles and the image they want to project in each of them. The company specializes in tailor-made clothing and superior personalized service.

Often referred to as “the best-dressed man in Nashville”, Jim's rigorous attention to detail, distinctive tailoring style, and cautious parameters of traditional men's clothing have given his customers an advantage in their casual and business closets.

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