Sustainable Shopping for Men in Nashville, TN

If you're looking for comfortable, casual clothes that you can feel good in, Harvest & Mill is the place to go. Their garments are made in the United States with organically grown cotton, and they mill, design, and sew them here. Supporting American organic cotton producers is a passion of theirs. Most of their clothes come in neutral colors, making it easy to mix and match. Achieving true sustainability at every stage of the garment manufacturing process is nearly impossible for most clothing brands.

However, there are resources like Suay Sew Shop in Los Angeles that can help you extend the life of your clothes through repairs and keep them away from landfills once they are too old to use. Nudie Jeans is another great option, as they offer their workers a living wage and use sustainable materials such as fair-trade organic cotton, recycled cotton, recycled elastane, and recycled polyester. Firebird Kids is a children's clothing store and recycling program that allows you to return clothes to the site and get a credit to buy new and second-hand items. BRANDED Collective is a jewelry brand based in Nashville that sells its products in bulk to stores across the city. They are known for their sustainability, using more than 95% of recycled 14-carat gold and diamonds to manufacture each item.

Plus, they keep their carbon footprint to a minimum by creating their own collections in Brooklyn, New York. Sustainable practices can involve making dyes from environmentally friendly materials that don't contain chemicals, using renewable energy in the production process, using durable fabrics to make clothes last as long as possible, and recycling old materials such as scrap fabric and even plastic bottles to turn them into new garments. Firebird Kids is a great place to shop for sustainable outerwear for boys and girls, as well as clothes for all types of weather and some very nice accessories. Nudie Jeans also offers eco-friendly jeans at reasonable prices. Patagonia has been a leader in sustainability since its inception in 1973. With the goal of achieving total climate neutrality by 2025, they also aspire to use only 100% organically grown cotton in all NA-KD denim products by this year and to ensure that everything from the supply chain and production to shipping and clothing care is fully transparent and environmentally friendly.

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